User Guides

Common Tasks: An overview of the most common activities
Finding and Using Data: How to search, download, subset, analyze and visualize data
Dataverse Administration: How to create a dataverse, customize it, manage its settings and add privileged users
Study and Data Administration: How to create and manage studies, upload data, release new versions, set study permissions and enable data visualization.
Network Administration: How to manage Dataverse Network settings
Appendix: Additional Documentation

Installer's Guide

Step by step installation instructions to set up a Dataverse Network for your institution. Click here.

Developer's Guide

Interested in contributing to the Dataverse Network software? Here is how you set up your development environment to work on the source code. Click here.

Please note that guides for Dataverse versions 3.6 and up are now maintained with each new version of the code in GitHub.

The most recent version of the Harvard Dataverse Network Guides are now available on