Add Fields to Search Results

Your dataverse includes the network's search and browse features to assist your visitors in locating the data that they need. By default, the Cataloging Information fields that appear in the search results or in studies' listings include the following: study title, authors, ID, production date, and abstract. You can customize other Cataloging Information fields to appear in search result listings after the default fields. Additional fields appear only if they are populated for the study.

Navigate to the Search Results Fields from the Options page:

Dataverse home page > Options page > Settings tab > Customization subtab > Search Results Fields

To add more Cataloging Information fields listed in the Search or Browse panels:

  • Click the check box beside any of the following Cataloging Information fields to include them in your results pages: Production Date, Producer, Distribution Date, Distributor, Replication For, Related Publications, Related Material, and Related Studies.

Note: These settings apply to your dataverse only.