Create a New Dataverse

A dataverse is a container for studies and is the home for an individual scholar's or organization's data.

Creating a dataverse is easy but first you must be a registered user. Depending on site policy, there may be a link on the Network home page, entitled "Create a Dataverse". This first walks you through creating an account, then a dataverse. If this is not the case on your site, log in, then navigate to the Create a New Dataverse page and complete the required information. That's it!

1. Navigate to the Create a New Dataverse page:

       Network home page > Options page > Dataverses tab > Dataverses subtab > "Create Dataverse" link

2. Fill in the required information*:
      Type of Dataverse
           Choose Scholar if it represents an individual's work otherwise choose Basic.
       Dataverse Name
           This will be displayed on the network and dataverse home pages. If this is a Scholar dataverse it will automatically be filled in with the scholar's first and last name.
       Dataverse Alias
           This is an abbreviation, usually lower-case, that becomes part of the URL for the new dataverse.

3. Click Save and you're done!
       An email will be sent to you with more information, including the url to access you new dataverse.

*Required information can vary depending on site policy. Required fields are noted with a red asterisk.

Note: If "Allow users to create a new Dataverse when they create an account" is enabled, there is a Create a Dataverse link on the Network home page.