d.iii. HTTP Service

The HTTP Service configuration settings described in this section are suggested defaults. These settings are very important. There are no right values to define; the values depend on the specifics of your web traffic, how many requests you get, how long they take to process on average, and your hardware. For detailed information, refer to the Java Application Server Administration Guide, available at the Sun Microsystems Documentation web site at the following URL:

Note: If your server becomes so busy that it drops connections, adjust the Thread Counts to improve performance.

  1. Under Configuration->HTTP Service->HTTP Listeners->http-listener-1:
    • Listener Port: 80
    • Acceptor Threads: The number of CPUs (cores) on your server
  2. Under Configuration->HTTP Service, in the RequestProcessing tab:
    • Thread Count: Four times the number of CPUs (cores) on your server
    • Initial Thread Count: The number of CPUs (cores)
  3. Under Configuration->HTTP Service->Virtual Servers->server: add new property allowLinking with the value true.

      4. Under Configuration->HTTP Service, configure Access Logging:

           format=%client.name% %auth-user-name% %datetime% %request% %status% %response.length%