DVN Developers Guide, v. 3.0

This is the updated guide for setting up a developers environment for DVN version 3.x.

Please note that this document has been completely rewritten as of DVN 3.x. There were enough serious changes in the version 3 of the DVN - Glassfish v3, Java EE6, NetBeans 7+, IceFaces 2.0 and more - to warrant creating a new document from scratch, rather than attempting to modify the old one. An effort was also made to make the process simpler, with a scripted installer provided specifically for developers, etc. 

As of DVN 3.4 (released April 2013), this guide needs another rewrite because the source code has moved from SourceForge to GitHub. A new guide is being prepared at http://devguide.thedata.org/ and will be merged into this one.