Explore Data

The study owner may make a data visualization interface available to those who can view a study.  This will allow you to select various data variables and see a time series graph or data table.  You will also be able to download your custom graph for use in your own reports or articles.

The study owner will at least provide a list of data measures from which to choose.   These measures may be divided into types.  If they are you will be able to narrow the list of measures by first selecting a measure type.  Once you have selected a measure, if there are multiple variables associated with the measure you will be able to select one or more filters to uniquely identify a variable.  By default any filter assigned to a variable will become the label associated with the variable in the graph or table.   By pressing the Add Line button you will add the selected variable to your custom graph.


Once you have added data to your graph you will be able to customize it further.  You will be given a choice of display options made available by the study owner.  These may include an interactive flash graph, a static image graph and a numerical data table.   You will also be allowed to edit the graph title, which by default is the name of the measure or measures selected.   You may also edit the Source Label.  Other customizable features are the height and the legend location of the image graph.  You may also select a subset of the data by selecting the start and end points of the time series.  Finally, on the display tab you may opt to display the series as indices in which case a single data point known as the reference period will be designated as 100 and all other points of the series will be calculated relative to the reference period.  If you select data points that do not have units in common (i.e. one is in percent while the other is in dollars) then the display will automatically be set to indices with the earliest common data point as the default reference period.


On the Line Details tab you will see additional information on the data you have selected.  This may include links to outside web pages that further explain the data.  On this tab you will also be able to edit the label or delete the line from your custom graph.

On the Export tab you will be given the opportunity to export your custom graph and/or data table.   If you select multiple files for download they will be bound together in a single zip file. 

The Refresh button clears any data that you have added to your custom graph and resets all of the display options to their default values.