Manage Permissions

Enable contribution invitation, grant permissions to users and groups, and manage dataverse file permissions.

Navigate to Manage Permissions from the Options page:

Dataverse home page > Options page > Permissions tab > Permissions subtab

Contribution Settings

Choose the access level contributors have to your dataverse. Whether they are allowed to edit only their own studies, all studies, or whether all registered users can edit their own studies (Open dataverse) or all studies (Wiki dataverse). In an Open dataverse, users can add studies by simply creating an account, and can edit their own studies any time, even after the study is released. In a Wiki dataverse, users cannot only add studies by creating an account, but also edit any study in that dataverse. Contributors cannot, however, release a study directly. After their edits, they submit it for review and a dataverse administrator or curator will release it.

User Permission Settings

There are several roles defined for users of a Dataverse Network installation:

  • Data Users - Download and analyze all types of data
  • Contributors - Distribute data and receive recognition and citations to it
  • Curators - Summarize related data, organize data, or manage multiple sets of data
  • Administrators - Set up and manage contributions to your dataverse, manage the appearance of your dataverse, organize your dataverse collections
Privileged Groups

Enter group name to allow a group access to the dataverse. Groups are created by network administrators.

Dataverse File Permission Settings

Choose 'Yes' to restrict ALL files in this dataverse. To restrict files individually, go to the Study Permissions page of the study containing the file.